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Size Chart

*Height Ranges of Kuffalo Desk:*

We have tables with three types of height ranges. When we say height ranges, we mean the minimum and the maximum height the table can go through. For example for a table whose height range is 29 to 45 inches, minimum height (sitting height) is 29 inches and maximum height (standing height) is 45 inches. In between, the table can stop anywhere.

Height Ranges Of Tables:

*A. Small Height Range: 25- 40 inches*
Suitable if your height is 5ft 2 inch or less

*B. Medium Height Range: 29-45 inches*
Suitable if your height is between 5ft 3 inch and 6ft 2 inch

*C. Large Height Range: 32-48 inches*
Suitable if your height is 6ft 3 inch or more

Please note that it is not always bigger the better. You should choose the height range as per your requirement. If your height is *5 ft 2 inches* or less and you choose the table with height range of *32 to 48 inches (Large)*, sitting height is going to be *uncomfortable* for you (Because table wont go below 32 inches). Hence you have to choose table with small height range i.e. *25 to 40 inches*.