Kuffalo Standing Desk
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Standing Desk

  • Kuffalo Standing Desk gives any worker a complete base of operations, with plenty of room for a desktop setup.

    Kuffalo integrates thoughtful design details that can enhance the wellbeing and performance of individuals and teams.

  • Reasonable price and great design makes this standing desk very desirable. There’s plenty of space below for legs to stretch comfortably. Comes both in single column and double column.This Stand Up Desk facilitates health and increases productivity in work at a cheap cost. Maneuverability combined with a spacious surface allows you to keep efficiency at an all-time high. A firm, single leg saves space while central knob enables you to move from sit to stand without much effort. A single, sturdy column conserves space and gives legroom when you are sitting.
  • Table Top is made of engineered wood with many color ranges to choose from.
  • The product comes with a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects and any other issues with the materials that have been used.
  • The warranty does not cover damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear & tear in the natural course of product usage.

Call : 7411088806

About Kuffalo Standing Desk

Kuffalo Standing Desk is designed with the core intention of increasing productivity and reducing Fatigue in workers, who have to be in front of their desk for a long time. We know very well that too much of standing or sitting is bad for health, you may always compliment Kuffalo’s standing desk with a tall chair. The Standing Desk helps in reducing muscle strain and body fatigue and ultimately promotes a healthier and more productive workplace.

Do you work long hours? Agonised by Backpain?The standing desk remedy for you

The India made Standing Desk

Affordable Answer to Back Pain

Simple Design.Great Quality.Cheap Price. The First Made in India Standing Desk.

A Small Investment today.Great Savings on Medical bills-Standing Desk

Cheap Price. Great Quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee

High Quality Material

Happy Customers

Jeevitha Narendra, CEO

" I stumbled upon kuffalo Standing Desk and was amazed to see such world class Desk at such reasonable price . Delivery was on time and installation was free. Since then I am highly satisfied with this desk"  

Harish , Real estate Dealer 

" Attractive Desk at a reasonable price. My whole team is using them and enjoying the benefits. I have even purchased Standing Desk Converter from them. Attention and productivity of my team has increased and work place is a lot more vibrant and happier"

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