Prolonged Sitting Causes Back Pain

Prolonged sitting causes back pain. Sitting for long hours cause increased stress of the back,neck,arms and legs and adds extreme pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs.


Tired of sitting at work? Do you feel low energy and fatigue at the end of the day? Kuffalo Height Adjustable Desk also known as Sit-Stand desk helps you work smart. Now you can alternate between sitting and standing with Kuffalo Height Adjustable Feature.

Why Kuffalo Desk?

Attractive and eye catcing

Kuffalo Height adjustable desk comes with attractive wooden laminated top with strong and equally eye catching metallic support and has a lower back support.  

Our Unique Feature

Alternate between sit/stand Positions

With our standing desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing positions. Continuous sitting can give lower and upper back ache.




As per healthcare professionals, prolonged sitting is more harmful than smoking. Prolonged sitting can put your health at risk and causes a lot of health complications including:

  • Slow Blood Circulation
  • Obesity-Excess Body Fat
  • Chronic Weakness
  • Low Metabolism
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Abnormal Cholestrol Levels
  • Excess Body Fat
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Life Span

How Kuffalo Desk Help you Stay Fit?

Kuffalo Desk allows you to alternate between sit/stand position. It provides enough space for your leg movement that gets you these benefits:

  • Efficient Glucose Processing- that helps avoid diabetes.
  • Standing atleast for 2 hours/day at work helps you tackle excess body weight by burning calorie.
  • Kuffalo minimises the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
  • Better Breathing and Oxygen flow to the brain
  • Engage Key Muscle Group.

Why Use a Kuffalo Height Adjustable Desk

Easy Movability

1.Provide space for leg and hand movements.

Multi Posture

1.Prevents spinal cord shrinking

2.Reduces Musculo-skeletal pain

Burns Calorie

1.Burns Calorie

2. Reduces the risk of Diabetes

User Friendly Workstation

1.Keeps you engergetic

2.Increase Productiviy

3.Reduces Body Fatigue

Live Longer

1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular Diseases.Increased Life Expectancy

Other Benefits

1. Allows you to stretch legs

2.Removes the monotony of sitting

3.Can be used for Various Purposes

Video of our Electric Motorised Desk

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Key Features of Kuffalo Height Adjustable Desk:

  1. ​Desk Height can be changed from 30 inches (Sitting) to 45 inches (Standing)​
  2. Professionally crafted stylish and elegant.
  3. They come with 5 years warranty.
  4. Kuffalo height desks are constructed using only the best material.
  5. We help you to setup the desk. You may also assemble the desk yourself with ease.
  6. It is easy to move around
  7. Kuffalo Height Desks are easy to use.
  8. Comes in variety of colors.
  9. We also provide the acupressure mats to activate the energy points on your feet.


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