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About US

Kuffalo Height Adjustable Desk is a brand of HoneyFall E-commerce group. Kuffalo desks are India’s first home manufactured desks. These Sit-down and Stand-up desks are used in offices and homes.

Height Adjustable Desks are quite popular in international market. However, in India, it is slowly generating momentum. Constant sitting could result in serious diseases like chronic back pain and obesity. Thus, desk-job professionals and students require such desks to alternate between sitting and standing position.



  • SIT AND STAND-UP DESK  -  Kuffalo desks are height adjustable. Adjust the height according to your sitting and standing position.
  • MOVABLE  -  Can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • SPACIOUS TABLE TOP  -  Spacious and elegant table top made of laminated plywood.
  • STRONG METALLIC BODY  -  Strong enough to handle weight up to 50 kg.
  • WEIGHT  -  Weighs at 23 to 27 kgs.
  • CHOICE OF COLORS  -  You can choose the color of your choice i.e, Red, Black, Blue, White and Cream.
  • AFFORDABLE  -  Costs a tenth of its competitors.
  • L*B*H  -  Maximum standing position: 30*24*40 (in inches). Minimum Sitting position: 30*24*30 (in inches).
Kuffalo Height Adjustable Desks reduce marathon sitting in the workplace for a better health and socio-economic factors. The Kuffalo team advocates for effective workplace health intervention with adjustable height desks. These desks prevent chronic killer disorders occurring from constant sitting. The major diseases which could occur from long hours of continuous sitting are musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Other side effects are neck pain, shoulder pain, swelling of the leg, disc damage, others disorders. With our Height adjustable desks, the Kuffalo team hopes to bring a positive change in the work environment of offices across the globe.
Are you a chair warrior? Sitting for prolonged hours is dangerous to health!

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