Kuffalo is a brand of HoneyFall E-commerce group. HoneyFall is an E-Commerce company dealing with the lifestyle products. We sell Laptop Stands, Height Adjustable Desk, Hardware, and  Metal Furniture.

Kuffalo manufactures a varied range of furniture and products with a protocol of providing comfort and health to its customers. Kuffalo’s sit-stand desks are India’s first home manufactured desks. These Sit-down and Stand-up desks are used in offices and homes. The Kuffalo brand is the innovation of Mr. Anupam Kumar Tandon. While working with the multinational companies such as MindTree and Fidelity, he felt a need for a desk with the feature of changeable heights. To convert his idea into a product, Mr. Tandon left his job and had series of meetings with engineers. On July 2015, HoneyFall had its first prototype of Height Adjustable Desk. Height Adjustable Desks are quite popular in international market. However, in India, it is slowly generating momentum. Constant sitting could result in serious diseases like chronic back pain and obesity. Thus, desk-job professionals and students require such desks to alternate between sitting and standing position.

After the massive success of Kuffalo’s Sit-Stand Desk, the HoneyFall team has recently launched other Ergonomic and Wellness Products. The products include Laptop Stands; Monitor Stand and Arms; Acupressure Mats, Sandals, and Chair; Anti-fatigue mats; Dog Cages, etc. and is very confident that their other products will get the same overwhelming response as their Height Adjustable Desk.