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Anti-Fatigue Mats - An Introduction and Comparison


Anti-fatigue Floor mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface (e.g., cement floors). Standing mats come in different materials including vinyl, rubber, wood and carpeting materials. This standing desk mat is used to decrease lower limb and foot disorders for employees who have to stand and work for long hours together. However, an Ergonomic Floor mat is not the complete solution. Knee and Leg Pain, tiredness, sore feet, and Discomfort could be because of various reasons, like the material of the floor, nature of the job, footwear, etc. According to research, standing for long hours is very stressful and results in Fatigue. It does not matter what shoes you are wearing or what floor you are on, standing itself is very tiring if it is for an extended period.

When contemplating an anti-fatigue mat, some factors must be kept in mind such as: how often you can change your standing position? The footwear you wear at work? And flooring in your workplace?

How often you may change working/standing position: Avoid extended period standing. If your job comprises long hours of standing, then taking regular breaks will help. It is better to have a chair nearby and sit for few minutes before changing position. Sit-Stand desks would be an excellent choice in addition to a Standing mat.

Footwear: Choosing Proper footwear would reduce the adverse effects of prolonged standing.Shoes must have sufficient heel and arch support and well cushioned to provide comfort.

Workplace Flooring: Workplace flooring plays a vital role in influencing comfort. Concrete and other such hard floors are very hard on feet, walking on such floor are like pounding with a hammer on the heal at every step. Materials such as rubber, wood, cork or carpeting that provides some elasticity are pleasant on feet and reduce fatigue. Such materials also increase safety by reducing slips and falls.

When should Anti Fatigue Floor Mats be used?

Umpteen varieties of standing mats are available in the market. But before making a choice, the following factors must be kept in mind.

Knowledge of the objective of using the mat: Anti Fatigue Floor Mats and Anti-Slip mats are not the same.Choice of the mat that best fulfills your need is crucial.

The Mat's thickness: The choice of the Standing mat must be such that it must provide some amount of elasticity. If the mat is too soft and thick, then the person standing on it will not feel comfortable.

Know the type of flooring on which the mat will be used: It is essential to know the kind of flooring in your workplace as Mats must not slip, or create a trip hazard. Standing desk mats must have edges that are sloping at the end.

Easily Cleanable: In areas, such as food preparation, being able to clean the Standing mat would be essential. Thus, the material and design of the mat must be in such a way that it can be regularly cleaned.

Where can you buy anti-fatigue mat in India?

There are many products available in various online selling store like Intershoppy, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. you need to decide the apt anti-fatigue mat you need and then get the one from the selling store. If you are going to get from the store, then you can try it once and then grab it for you.

Different types of Anti Fatigue Mats

1. Diamond Shape Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Interlocking Floor Mat by Performance Tool - interlocking Floor Mat is one of the exclusive standing desk mats in comparison to other mats in the market.Made of rubber with an interlocking option with removable edges, that helps in locking together more than two mats to form a full size of flooring surface. \it is very light in weight and water resistant, it can be cleaned easily and is the best choice for areas such as workshop and industrial areas where the floor surface is very hard.

2.Stanley Utility Mat - Stanley mat is a well proven therapeutic mat on the market. This Standing mat is very smooth and gives maximum comfort. It helps to relieve any pain in the foot, knees, leg, etc.The surface of the mat has a texture with a diamond plate that gives the required traction and lessens pressure even if stood on for a long duration of time. The base of the mat has an Anti-skid layer that prevents accidental slipping on the floor. The simple design allows maximum movement with minimum effort. It is not massive and effortless to clean.

3.Stand Up Mat for Standing Desk by Keeble Outlets - This Stand up Mat best compliments the standing desk. It has 3/4″ thick foam padding that makes the product soft and smooth and labeled as the best option for kitchen and office. The cushion in the Standing mat eases out any pressure on legs, joints, and feet. Its dimension of 20″x 39″ helps in forward, backward and sideward movement. The surface is straight, and there are no chances of it to curl thus enabling long hours of comfortable standing.The remarkable feature of this mat is that it’s easy to clean and maintain.

4.Designer Comfort Mat by NewLife by GelPro - This Ergonomic Floor mat has a firm, high-quality foam that reduces strain on the foot. It has 5/8″ extra cushioning foam that ensures ultimate comfort and helps keep foot, leg, and knees pain away. It caters to the industry standard of safety and performance, which does not allow slip offs as It comes with the non-skid bottom. The ergonomic design encompasses beveled edges that will not curl.This standing desk mat comes in a stylish Grasscloth pattern and multiple colors that makes it very attractive.

5.Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat by Kangaroo Brands - This mat provides the best comfort experience when compared to other anti-fatigue mats, as It assures the stability on the floor. With a 3/4″ extra thick engineered design made of high-grade foam, it helps in reducing the strain on the feet while standing for long hours. This mat is known for its maximum safety on the floor and its commercial-grade design. The sturdy design is non-toxic and phthalate free which does not produce any smell. It comes with the textured surface that provides the comfort, and beveled edged design assures no-curl. Its high-quality material will not break down quickly and is best for high traffic surface area.

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