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Acupressure Mats

Acupressure - Definition

Acupressure is a type of touch therapy that uses the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In acupressure, the same body points are used, but finger pressure applied instead of insertion with needles. Acupressure is used as a treatment for a variety of pain and diseases.


Acupressure massage by a therapist is effective both as prevention and as a treatment for many health conditions, including headaches, general aches and pains, cold and flu, arthritis, allergies, asthma, nervous tension, menstrual cramps, sinus problems, sprain, tennis elbow, and toothaches. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure can be performed by a layman, while acupuncture requires a visit to a professional. Acupressure techniques are relatively easy to learn and have been used to provide quick, low cost, and effective relief from many symptoms. The Acupressure points can also be stimulated to increase energy and feelings of well-being, reduce stress, and boosts the immune system.

Acupressure Mats – A Brief History

Both Indian and Chinese cultures have recorded using acupressure in some form or other for more than 5,000 years. In China, it is popular even today. Yogis in India used a bed of nails to help them improve meditation and promote healing. In Western civilizations, these practices are quickly gaining recognition as a form of alternative health care that is very effective for multiple ailments.


The mystical bed of nails originated over 1,000 years ago in Asia, used by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing. A bed of nails is an oblong piece of wood, the size of a bed, with nails pointing upwards out of it. It appears to the spectator that the nails would injure anyone lying on this "bed," but this is not so. Assuming the nails are numerous enough, the weight is distributed among them so that the pressure exerted by each nail is not enough to puncture the person's skin. Many believe that the acupressure mat originated from the bed of nails used by ancient gurus and yogis for healing and meditation.

Synopses of the history of acupressure mats:

In the 1970`s a man named Ivan Kuznetsov developed the first modern acupressure mat in the former USSR and called it the Kuznetsov Applicator. The mat sold over 70 million units in Russia alone. In 2008 the acupressure mat was introduced in Sweden, and over one million were sold in the first year and a half alone.

The Invention of the Acupressure MatIvan -Kuznetsov’s story:

Ivan Kuznetsov was a kindergarten music teacher in the 1970’s in Russia, and as he was the only male teacher at the kindergarten, he was one day asked to treat the buildings with insecticides. He was given a gas mask and overalls, but no gloves. Unaware of the potential dangers he was exposing himself to by not wearing gloves, Ivan Kuznetsov performed the entire task and handled the highly toxic chemicals with his bare hands and became severely poisoned because if this.

The result of the toxic expose was very severe and resulted in chronic pain, unpaired peripheral circulation which caused muscle spasms so severe that Kuznetsov could not move his limbs for weeks at a time, and his kidneys had practically failed as well. Kuznetsov found that acupuncture treatments were the only thing that worked to relive his ailments, but because acupuncture treatments were expensive, he could not afford to go as frequently as needed. He tried to perform acupuncture on himself but failed because so many acupuncture points were on his back and unreachable. In his desperation, he invented his Applicator by inserting thousands of office pins into a sheet of tire rubber and lied down on it. With his body weight evenly distributed on the entire layer, none of the needles penetrated his skin, and as crazy as his idea seemed, IT WORKED!

Numerous institutes then conducted clinical trials on the effectiveness of Kuznetsov Applicator (Acupressure Mat), and in 1987 a leading “Medical Journal” publishes an article about a lady who had suffered from insomnia for years was able to fall asleep after only 15 minutes on acupressure mat.

After that, lots of reports kept coming in about how the acupressure mat's effectiveness in treating many ailments including asthma, cold, flu, insomnia, panic attacks, stress, arthritis, and high blood pressure, The Kuznetsov Applicator became very popular and over 70 million units were sold in Russia in the 1980’s.

Materials used in Acupressure Mats

An acupressure mat is a self-applied acupuncture device commonly made of a foam mattress covered in cotton sacking and embedded with hard plastic disks containing protruding spikes.

Benefits of Using Acupressure Mats for Natural Pain Relief – Reflexology

Majority of people suffer from back pain, insomnia, stress, neck and joint pain throughout their life. These are not curable with simple medication or painkillers. You need something which is more natural and doesn’t affect your body in the long run. Though there are many electronic machines which can help get rid of pains instantly, people still do not consider buying them for the long term. And one of the main reasons for not purchasing an acupressure machine is its expensive price tag.

Many acupressure machines are not only costly but may not suit many body types. So what could the natural substitute be, that would help you to recover from the back, joint pains instantly? Well. The answer is pretty straightforward! It is acupressure mats for instant relief from any pain.

Acupressure mats are natural and don’t cost you much. Just laying down on the acupressure mat for 20 minutes a day helps the body to recover from muscle and back pain.

How to Use Acupressure Mats:

People love using the acupressure mats on floors, couches, beaches, or any other place where they can spend little time for their daily massage. The suggested time for using acupressure mats is in the morning as soon as you wake up, this helps in flushing out toxins and other waste materials from your body. Drink at least 0.75 liters of water after being on the mat, which might help your body to release the impurities throughout the day.

Tips on how to use acupressure mats on a daily basis.

  • Use the acupressure mats on naked floors to increase the intensity of the massage.
  • If the massage intensity is excruciating, then try using the mat on a chair or couch.
  • Keep your skin naked to increase the power of the massage instantly.
  • Use the mat for 20 – 30 minutes every morning and evening for fast relief.
  • Take a deep Breathe initially to get accustomed to the mat.
  • The first few minutes could be painful, so try to handle the pressure.
  • Be gentle when you use the mats on your face, stomach, and chest.

Facts about Acupressure Mats:

There are many fantastic advantages of using acupressure mats in your daily life. Millions have found acupressure mats to be amazingly beneficial for their family and friends.

  1. Acupressure mats are inexpensive.
  2. They are completely washable
  3. They don’t contain harmful plastic materials to harm your skin
  4. They provide instant relief with more than 8000 acupressure points
  5. They do not hold foul odor.
  6. Acupressure mats offer you a warm and relaxing sensation after the initial pain.
  7. Acupressure mats might kindle you to sleep for hours.
  8. Acupressure mats help in increasing the blood circulation.
  9. Yoga exercises on acupressure mats give good results.
  10. Acupressure mats Work amazing for sore muscles with daily use.
  11. Instant stress and pain relief with just 20 minutes a day.
  12. Acupressure mats Improve the body metabolism and digestion with regular use.

Who Can Use Acupressure Mats:

Acupressure mats have no age and gender restrictions. Any person, who wants instant relief from their back and joint pains, insomnia, etc., can use acupressure mats for immediate results.

  • People who suffer from chronic low back pains.
  • People who cannot sleep regularly because of stress.
  • People who suffer from body pain.
  • People who work extremely hard throughout the day.
  • People who practice sports and other outdoor games.
  • People who suffer from extreme shoulder and neck pain.
  • People with lower hip and foot pain.
  • People, who trek, hike and actively participate in adventures sports.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t use acupressure mat for relaxing their body.
  • People with cut wounds, sores on the skin cannot use acupressure mats.
  • Folks with sunburn, skin disorders or cut wounds are forbidden to use these mats.
  • Avoid using acupressure mats if you have a blood disorder or are using any anticoagulants.

After using the acupressure mats, you might find your skin to be painful with a lot of little pockmarks in the beginning. This pain is initial, and subsequent sessions will not be painful.




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