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Why Back-Aching Is The Most Common Diseases That Occurs In The Work Place?


Back-Ache is one of the most common complaints and problem among the people working in offices. Professionals feel fatigued and lethargic after a few hours of sitting. The focus shifts from work to the excruciating back pain.

Let’s see why this happens:
a.The role of Centre of Gravity (CG) shifts – CG has very significant role in keeping us upright. It gives us a well-balanced posture. In the human body, CG lies in just above the waist. This is because our upper body part is heavier than the lower body part.

When we sit, lower body part especially the leg area doesn’t contribute in maintaining of CG and it shifts to the chest.The CG gets distributed in the upper body parts. 

Sitting is not a natural position as the lower body plays a negligible role in CG. When you sit, you put twice the stress on the spine as standing. When you slouch stress increases even more. The combined effect causes fatigue and increases stress in the back and other parts such as neck, shoulders and nape.

b.The Role of Stagnation – Discs in the spinal cord are important shock absorbers in the body. Discs don’t have any vascular or nerve supply system. They get their nourishment from movements.  When we don’t move, discs will have a poor supply of blood and nutrients.  Poor supply of nutrients results in unhealthy discs.

c.The Role of Hip Flexor – When we constantly sit, our hip flexor muscles shorten and tighten. It affects the pelvis rotation and increases the load on the lower back.  Besides, gluteal muscles get stretched but they need do nothing in the sitting position. Over the period of time, these muscles become weaker and flabbier.

How to Completely Eliminate or Reduce Back Pain on Working Time?
Many people see ‘Standing Position’ as an option. However, constant standing too takes a toll on the body with several unavoidable disorders. Thus, the most effective step is to have an arrangement that could offer sitting and standing positions both. Height Adjustable Desks have significant contribution here. They are made to make your body feel comfortable and healthy. When you feel tired of standing, you can sit.  When you feel tired of sitting, you can stand.

The constant micro movements of the feet, the well distributed CG throughout the body and proper flow of the blood keep you energetic and healthy.


  • Do not haunch your body or lean towards the computer/ laptop while sitting or standing. This is important to remain energetic and motivated to work.
  • Do not feel lazy in changing your position from standing to sitting and vice-versa.
  • Do not feel changing positions as a waste of time. It contribute greatly to your health and ultimately to your productivity

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