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Obesity and Diabetics - How Modern Style Contributes To It

Don’t Cook on Wednesdays….Flat 50% off on your First Pizza…Feeling Thirsty - Have a Pepsi. These Ads keep coming up now and then on your mobile phone in the form of SMS. People might get irritated if an executive from a bank calls offering credit cards but never lose patience with an add offering discounts from favourite pizza outlets such as Domino's, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s or KFC’s disturb them during meetings. Nowadays, it is no longer acceptable if you offer homemade sweets on your birthday to your colleagues.You are expected to treat them with Pizza’s or take them to the nearest McDonald's or KFC.Such is the impact of fast foods on our lives. No wonder these multinational food chains are flourishing and spreading their cuisine in our otherwise conservative society.These foods are loaded with harmful Fats, Sugar and Chemicals and very little healthy stuff, which results in various health issues, main and widely spread would be Obesity. Obesity is the main reason behind type-II Diabetes.

​It’s just not the fast food culture; various other causes can be attributed to the modern life style that contributes to obesity. Less or no exercise and prolonged sitting could be other important causes of Obesity. With the world moving at a jet speed, no one wants to be left behind in the race. This gives people very less time for their health or exercise. People rush to their workplace early in the morning and remain sitting at their desk till evening, and by the time they reach home all exhausted, they have just enough energy to eat before hitting their bed. So, it would be, wise, if people eat consciously by taking into account how many calories they consume, hit the Gym or go for a walk at least for 30 minutes a day and adapt to adjustable desks which would allow them to work in sitting or standing positions to avoid prolonged sitting.
The causes of Obesity other than Food habits and Inactivity would be:
1. Lack of Sleep – Getting very little sleep could affect a person’s weight.
2. Pollution – Weight of a person, depends on his/her hormones, constant exposure to pollution takes a toll on the hormones and thus can contribute to obesity.
3. Air Conditioning – It is always good to perspire. If you sit for long hours in an air conditioned room, then you have to burn more calories. If you fail to do so, you end up becoming obese.
4. Genetics – According to many proven studies, kids of obese parents carry their genes and end up becoming fat adults.
5. Medication – Drugs are taken for Blood Sugar, Depression, Blood Pressures, and contraceptives also result in obesity.
6. Emotional or Psychological factors – Such as Stress, Depression or low esteem.
7. Pregnancy – Child birth is yet another reason for putting on fat.
8. Environment – Demanding work schedule combined with easy access to high calorie inexpensive processed food, the high cost of Gym membership.
9. Unethical advertising – Companies selling junks go for ferocious advertising where they convince their audience that their product is healthy and tasty.
Thus, it may be concluded that Obesity and Diabetes are the gifts to humanity from modernization and fast food culture. It would be wise if people understand their effects on their lives and change their lifestyle for a long disease free life.

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