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Standing Desk


For a healthy heart and brain, stop sitting all the time at your office desk.

Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases are chronic diseases but potentially preventable as well. Studies were successful in establishing the link between cardiovascular diseases and premature death.



a.       Live Longer:   Add more years to your life simply by standing. Studies have successfully linked the life expectancy rate with the nature of your lifestyle (active/sedentary). Studies have long since linked excessive sitting to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. 

In one research done on London bus drivers in their fifties, it was found that they are twice as likely to have heart attacks as their bus conductor colleagues.

In another study done on 800,000 people recently, it was found that individuals who sat for a longer period have shown a 112 % increased risk of type 2 diabetes. And more shocking result indicates an increase in death rate due to a heart attack by 90%. 

b.      Burn Calories: Only a change in position can bring a great difference in body fat accumulation. Change your workstation from sit-down to stand-up desk and feel the difference. Height Adjustable Desk works wonderfully in saving you from the drawbacks of conventional desks. 

A person of 180 pounds burns 970 calories in a seven hours business day in sitting position. However, with adjustable height desk, the same person can burn up to 1260 calories. Thus, if you are trying to maintain or lose your weight, use of an adjustable height table could help you.    

c.       Feel Good Health: The modern lifestyle is much more sedentary than ever before. People tend to be overweight, obese and diabetic very easily. Healthy diet routine and daily exercises do an excellent job to the individual who is physically active throughout the day. BUT, what about those who have to live the sedentary lifestyle? The standing desk is a great help for the people who follow a sedentary way of life. Throughout the whole day, stand-up desk helps you to stay active since movement is the best way to be fit and healthy. 

As we know standing all day is not good as well. You can get easily tired, and diseases like postural muscles fatigue and joint compression could occur. Fortunately, Kuffalo team offers adjustable height desks. These desks could be adjusted according to the height of any person. So, work in sitting or standing position. The choice is yours!

d.      Better Productivity in Work Place: It’s a fact that sitting is not a natural position. Long hours of sitting are the precursor for health-related issues such as neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, vision problems, leg cramps, headaches, and backaches. However, standing for the whole day is not a solution as well. It could be a painful experience.

Here comes the Adjustable height desk for rescue.
User-friendly height adjustable table would make you feel good. When you are in good mood and good health, you can perform better. An adjustable height desk offers easy movability. You can interact with co-workers and other departments. These desks are suitable for the computer desk users, students, and office executives.

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