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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are single stand and double stand desk (height Adjustable)?

  • Single stand desk / Single Column Desk- A desk with only one height adjustable leg.
  • Double Stand Desk / Double Column Desk - A desk with two height adjustable legs. 

2. What are the Payment Options? 

We have linked CCavenue payment gateway through which you can do the payment.In CCavenue you can choose for multiple payment options like net banking, Credit card, UPI etc.

3. Do I need to Place an order for TableTop and Desk Frame Separately?

Yes, If you already have a table top, you can place an order only for the Desk Frame and vice versa. However, if you need both Desk Frame and table top, you can add them to the cart and purchase.

Apart from the information here, if you have further questions, please visit:  

Steps to Place An Order:

  • From the main menu select Products option → Select Desk Frames → Choose Double Stand Height Adjustable Desk / Single Stand Height Adjustable Desk.
  • In the product page choose the color and height range of the desk frame.
  • Enter the number of quantities you want to purchase.
  • Select the option Add to Cart to add more items or to purchase later. Or,
  • For immediate purchase select Buy It Now button. Enter your contact information and discount coupon (if applicable).
  • Click Continue to Shipping button. On this page you can make changes in shipping and contact information. You can also add a note which you feel necessary for us to know.
  • Select Continue To Payment button. Enter the Billing address if it is different from the Shipping address.
  • Click Complete Order button. A checkout page will appear. Make the payment from the checkout page. Your order will be placed.
  • Once the order is placed you will receive an email. This email will contain the summary of your order.  

In the similar way, you can place orders for other products at one go or separately.    

1. What are the available Frame Colors?

The frame colors are available in black, gray and white.

2. What are the available Frame Height Ranges?

Available Height ranges of frame are:
25 inches to 41 inches (Small)

- 29 inches to 45 inches (Medium)

- 32 inches to 48 inches (Large)

3. I am 5 ft 10 inch tall. Which table should I buy?

You should buy a medium height range table .i.e 29 inches to 45 inches

4. But since I am 5ft and 10 inches tall, will a maximum height of 45 inches be enough?

Yes, a maximum height of 45 inches is very much enough for you.

5. Which table do you suggest for a person who is more than 6 ft taller?

A person who is more than 6ft and 2 inches tall can go for large height i.e. 32 inches to 48 inches

6. What is your default Frame Size?

Default Size of Desk Frame - 29 to 45 Inches

7. What is the material of table frame?

We are using MS steel to make Table Frame.

1. What are the available TableTop Colors? 

Available TableTop colors are: Cairo Walnut, Elegant Teak, Flower Wenge Black, Nayna Teak, Supreme White and Pure Black.

2. What are the available TableTop Sizes?

Available TableTop Sizes are:

-2ft x 2ft

-2.5ft x 2ft

-3ft x 2ft

-3.5ft x 2ft

-4ft x 2ft

-4ft x 2.5ft and

-5ft x 2ft

3. What would be the thickness of TableTop?

TableTops are available in 18 MM and 25 MM thickness.

4. What is your default of TableTop size?

Default Size of TableTop - 4ft x 2ft.

5. What is the material of TableTop?

For making TableTop we are using particle boards and MDF.

1. What is the delivery time?

Order will be delivered within 2 to 15 days. Delivery time depends on the location and climate.

2. Will the delivery happen till our home?

We are using a third party service provider for delivery of products. So the delivery will take place till the main gate or the till premises where vehicles are allowed.

3. Where we can see your shipping and refund policy?

The link for Shipping Policy and Refund Policies are provided in the footer of our website. Infact links for other policies like Privacy Policy and Terms of Services are also included in the footer. 

1. Do you also do the customization of the desk?

Yes. But customization will cost you an extra amount.

2. What all options you are providing in desk customization?

Options for customization:

- Cable management holes (1 or 2 on the TableTop)

- Keyboard Tray

- Wheels

3. How to apply for customization?

If you want to apply for customization, please mention it in the note section of order form.

4. How to make payment for customization of desk?

Once we receive your order, our sales executive will guide you on how to do payment for the customization part.

1. Is the handle foldable?

Yes, it is. You can fold the handle and attach it to the rear side of the TableTop.

2. How to Attach TableTop on the frame?

To attach the TableTop on the frame you only need a screwdriver. Screws we are sending along with the desk frame and tabletop. Instructions on the TableTop fitting will be sent to you separately through WhatsApp.

3. How to adjust the height of the table?

With the help of a foldable handle you can adjust the height of the table. Rotate the handle till the desirable height and leave it.

Suppose you have purchased a default size desk frame i.e. 29 Inches to 45 Inches. Now when you rotate the handle in clockwise direction, the desk frame will go up. But when you rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction the frame will go down. Anywhere in-between 29 Inches to 45 Inches when you stop rotating the handle, the frame will remain stable in that height.

4. What if after getting a desk I found that the frame which I purchase is bigger than what I require for my height?

In our desk with maximum height we have put detachable legs. If you don’t require the extra height, you can remove the leg. Detaching is very simple. We will send you the steps for removing extra legs.  

1. Is there any guarantee or warranty on your table frame?

We provide three years guarantee on the gear rod (i.e. our height adjustable mechanism). If the rod breaks or doesn’t function properly, we will send to you a new rod.